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Music Demos

Here is an assortment of music i have created for non-commercial purposes. A random cross section of genre if you will.

Blue Morpho (Meditation/World 4Mb) YouTube

Digital Shaman (BigBeat 10Mb) YouTube

Flight Over Jerusalem (Electronica 8Mb)

Funkster (Electronica 9Mb)

New Jack City (Electronica 10Mb)

JelloKnee (Breakbeat 8Mb)

Terminal Man (Breakbeat 8Mb)

Dark Future (Breakbeat 6Mb)

RPM (Dance 7Mb)

All Gorillas Please Hit The Floor (Dance 5Mb)

The Long Road Home (Orchestral 2Mb)

SouthAmerica (World 9Mb)

Journeyman Part A (World 3Mb)

Journeyman Part B (World 3Mb)

Nautilis (New Age 2Mb)

Funk1 Funk2 Funk3 Funk4 (VideoGame 4Mb)