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Unfortunately, most of my recent programming work i cannot show for disclosure reasons. I thought however, i'd show some movies demonstrating character animation.

The objective here was to try to create realistic procedural eye and head motion using a set of rules i had observed about human movement.

The effects aren't conisitent (the algorithm needed some more rules) however you do see several spooky moments of "aliveness", when the character moves in just the right "human" way.

I guess our brains are very good at reading human expression and can not be easily fooled. Was an interesting experiment though.

The highlights and reflections on the characters eyes aren't anywhere near what they need to be to fool an observer.

Also, the simulation would be greatly enhanced with some blinking and perhaps facial muscle movement, but alas the facial rig wasn't hooked up.

Unfortunately my video card at the time was dying (vram?) and as a result you'll see some delightful green specks all across the framebuffer : - )

Procedural Animation1 - algorithmic animation of realtime characters

Procedural Animation2 - algorithmic animation of realtime characters

Procedural Animation3 - algorithmic animation of realtime characters

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